September 15, 2012 – Two Headed Phoenix ~ NEW MOON Eve!

MOON in VIrgo SEXTILES MARS as we wake up into the DARK of the MOON before the NEW MOON of the Harvest Season and Fall Equinox, coming. This pre-dawn aspect, pdt, lights a “get busy,” preparing for winter flame under our butts. It also lights the fires, out of which the phoenix rises. This MOON, SEXTILE MARS (in Scorpio) is also SQUARE JUPITER in Gemini – also pre-dawn, pdt.  Gemini has “two heads” sometimes, in the best ways and worst ways. Every archetype has its gifts and challenges.

Meanwhile the lunar cycle is still coming down, to its ultimate NEW MOON STILL POINT later this evening at 7:11 pm, pdt. This NEW MOON/STILL POINT is like a phoenix moment.  Even if we are confused about the world, ourselves and/or our and its’ collaborative direction, we can offer our hopes and fears, pains and joys, dreams and nightmares, into the fires of this phoenix this evening. We may offer ourselves to the spiritual cauldron of healthy death and rebirth–there is another opportunity to do this today–if we didn’t dive in yesterday!

HAPPY NEW MOON in Virgo, this evening at 7:11 pm pdt, 8:11 pm, mdt, and 10:11 edt. May the union of SUN and MOON, (light and reflection), equip us with practical vision to prepare for the next phase of what we and the world will need to balance the changes that have already happened, as well as the ones coming.

May we birth starlight into practical wisdom this evening. May today’s quiet cauldron of change offer us refuge, inside our own inner temple, while we dissolve the old dying self along with the old dying world, in our psyche’s, stretching our vision into a world yet unseen, which we will be a part of creating.