September 14, 2012 – DARK MOON RESET BUTTON

MOON entered Virgo in the middle of the night, bringing us into the realm of the practical, tangible place of details, food and balancing whatever is ill or off, with the ingredient that will set it straight.

From the place of details, MOON OPPOSED NEPTUNE in Pisces (pre-dawn)–a wave of watery opposition from non-linear, vast, feeling-filled wonderland, may wash over us early this morning. NEPTUNE will wash us with its bigger flow of energy–larger than we are–we will need to comply with its direction, in spite of the details we may have been attempting to make right today.

We’re in the DARK MOON. This is a completion moment. We’re tying up the old cycle today. This is the summary, the final resting point, the place of deep recognition of self on its cyclical journey. This is a kind of DARK MOON RESET BUTTON.  We can go into the DEEP DARK nourishing place of the Divine, where things are killed off and reborn, and check ourselves in.

MOON TRINE PLUTO this afternoon at 2:39 pm, pdt, may give us “Cold Feet,” about the big transformative step we are needing to take in our lives next. PLUTO is pure power and if we’re not feeling empowered and “heated,” in our Power, we may have “cold feet,” about stepping fully into our power. Its much more comfortable to bend and cave in, melting into mediocrity, complacency and familiar stuck places. This is not the time for that, no matter how much of it begins weaving us like rugs, into our own shadowy underworld, we are visiting our shadow patterned places for the last time, a final healing. We are called to rise above these older stuck disempowered places–into a place where we are moving, changing, even transfiguring, into fully connected alive and manifest human beings with soul’s and spirit’s connected to a larger human miracle, in which we’re in the midst. We are supposed to be the one’s we’ve all been waiting for and we’ve forgotten. We are putting ourselves “back together again,” re-membering ourselves to be these superhero’s who are connected to this larger human awakening.

May we allow ourselves to sink deeply into our own underworld. This dark place is a place of compost, nourishment and transfiguration. May we allow ourselves healthy death and rebirth.