September 12, 2012 – Love Revolution

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS at 8:16 am brings us into the morning with LOVE!  We can FEEL with the MOON, LOVE with VENUS!

MOON TRINE URANUS at 9:27 am, pdt gifts us with humor and a light heart if we can go there today!

VENUS INCONJUNCT CHIRON at 10:53 am, pdt is a LOVE HEALING challenge–giving us some distant sense of something needing healing–we can dig there, feel there, and find buried treasure, unlocked freedom and sexual regeneration.

VENUS INCONJUNCT PLUTO at 4:47 pm, reminds us that LOVE is a flower of our SOUL and enlivens the soul of the world. We bring it here, and we can overcome shadow and “lack of love,” with love.

MOON SQUARE MARS at 8:54 pm, pdt, is a tension for action. We have some home-work to do.

VENUS TRINE URANUS at 9:45 pm is a magical fun aspect for love, money, friendship, humor and play!  Tonight is a good night to go out and dance, sing and play with friends!

May the LOVE contacts and Soul contacts of the day offer us an opportunity to have our own personal kind of LOVE REVOLUTION!