September 11, 2012 – Preparing for High Heart Magic

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY at 12:21 am, pdt is a fly on the wall of our mind–buzzing–“you forgot something,” wake up!

MOON in Cancer SQUARE SATURN in Libra at 2:58 pm, pdt is a serious shift down into an inward journey of listening–if we’re on-track with the cycles. This energy has tension, gravity and form. It is not light-hearted, it is for limits, boundaries and reality-checking. What do we need to be healthier by one step?  What do we need to do to “catch up,” where we may have fallen behind on a project?  How do we take good care of ourselves, our relations, our work, and our world?

MOON enters Leo at 8pm, pdt – waltzing into the fire-sign of creativity, romance, love and children. Even though life really is very serious–we must find ways to play inside these limitations of today!  We are called to evolution through LOVE not through seriousness. We can limit our focus of attention to those things that grow our new world, without losing our heart to judgment or heaviness in the material world’s density. We are made of light.

Leo MOON will CONJUNCT VENUS tomorrow morning–during a breakthrough healing day for LOVE in our world. URANUS, VENUS and CHIRON do alchemy together all day tomorrow.

May the High Heart Magic of tomorrow’s Chiron, Venus Uranus contact be with us in today’s healthy use of limitation for our best interest.