September 10, 2012 – Solar Powered Mental Clearing

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY today at 5:44 am, pdt is what astrologers have called “COMBUST.” MERCURY IS COMBUST THE SUN!  MERCURY, planet of our minds receives a kind of “solar enema,” clearing out whatever needs clearing, giving us light in places that need light and clearing. We have the ability to infiltrate every dark corner of our psyche with this penetrating clearing light, receiving understanding and a new level of awareness in any area of shadow–especially in our mind. Sometimes MERCURY COMBUST the SUN, like today, can act like a “MERCURY RETROGRADE,” kind of energy in that the SUN can “blow out” MERCURIAL things, with its heat, fire and light. There can be break-downs–like this blog disappeared the first time i wrote it, when i went to publish earlier this morning!  Cars can blow out, if we’re meant to stay home and write or clear our minds. This conjunction can bring instant insights, psychic clearings, exaltations in the realms of creativity and we can connect our minds to Source, in spite of potential “mechanical difficulties.”

MOON TRINE MARS at 9:05 am, pdt may give us the added Fire to do even more emotional clearing work!  Whatever is blocking us from being aligned with our higher selves can be cleared today! We can move in a way that is in alignment with higher purpose and our authentic unfolding heart–this aspect supports us to step more fully on our “right path of action.”

SUN SEXTILE MOON at 10:53 pm, is a beautiful aspect between Masculine and Feminine. There is harmony between the sexes in the light of a SUN MOON SEXTILE (60 degrees apart). As the MOON wanes, we become more tender hearted, and need the kindness of one-another more than at the stronger parts of the lunar cycle. This waning last quarter is vulnerable, about cleansing and releasing. We all get to let go of whatever is not needed and allow some deep rest. The harmony between the sexes can be healing and nourishing for each other as we unwind down to the DARK MOON on September 15th, before the NEW MOON that night.

May we allow the SUN to clear our minds and lives with its powerful light, enlivening and enlightening all corners of stuck energy. May our Mercurial vehicles of mind, car and communications tools receive this light in grace, as we provide the support to our vehicles (bodies, cars, etc.) that they really need.