September 9, 2012 – Nourishing with BIg Love in Practical Ways

MOON is still in road-sign Gemini as we wake up on our path this morning. If we need guidance, Moon in Gemini will usually offer direction. (at least one, if not two or three directions to choose from).

MOON TRINED SATURN in the middle of the night grounding us into our core in our own way.

MOON enters Cancer at 9:49 am, pdt for some authentic gentle Divine Mother energy infusion into our personal lives. MOON TRINE NEPTUNE at 12:25 pm, pdt, is connecting little mother with BIg Divine Mother in a positive way. We can heal and forgive our little mom’s, ourselves and our lineage for anything that we’re still healing–we are not just individuals, but chains of ancestry. Mother is not just the mother who brought us in, but also the MOTHER archetype that continues to mother us and all of creation with effervescent unconditional love and growth energy.  We can be channels of this Mother energy and/or we can receive it–from the cosmos, or from others. Mother abounds today!  These small acts of mothering come in the form of food, touch, smiles, soulful eye contact, listening and simple loving acts of kindness. The Divine Mother Love can be channeled by anyone who chooses to channel it and can be received from anyone who chooses to receive it. It is Loving Nourishment incarnate and we are her playground today and always.

MOON in Cancer OPPOSITE PLUTO in Capricorn at 11:38 pm. This PLUTO in Capricorn experience really is the DEATH of our obsession with MONEY. We have all sacrificed our heart and the hearts of other humans again and again for money and profit, for lifetimes and this is about to end. PLUTO will be in Capricorn for another TEN years, so we have time to kill-off the money-paradigm, however the earlier we get started, the more graceful the ride!  PLUTO is a force more powerful than any individual human. It is DEATH, SEX, OBSESSION, MONEY, CREDIT (POWER) in all of its forms. These are the ways that humans channel PLUTO energy. When we’re very high we turn PLUTO POWER into GRACE, MIRACLES and intense unconditional love that is as penetrating as steel flowers or world-transforming works.

MOON in Cancer, the MOTHER, our home, our fears, our needs, our desires, all wrapped up in one–opposes this great POWER PLUTO in the process of crumbling our “over-obsession with MONEY and COMMERCE” phenomenon. Today is a day to offer our psyche’s over to the universe, willing to kill off our limitations and perceptions related to Money and Survival.

PLUTO and the Mother are saying, “Look at why you are on earth and why we’re all here at this time?”  Even if we’ve looked at this before, or we think we know, they are saying, “Look again, today.”

May our vision be opened by the wings of Heaven’s Gates as we melt into our next level of awareness.