September 8, 2012 – Grand Stretch of Understanding

MOON SQUARED MERCURY while we slept, working out communications tension in dreamtime. MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER pre-dawn has us feeling a state of expanded emotion while JUPITER stretches our personal envelope.

SUN SQUARE MOON at 6:15 am, pdt is a lunar cycle shift point. We cross into the fourth quarter of this cycle of creation, now in the dark waning quarter of deep listening, unwinding and rest.  Masculine and Feminine can have different viewpoints during a square. Different viewpoints is the beauty of being unique!

MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER this evening from Virgo to Gemini is a Communications Refinery!  We may feel like we’re in a communications station–stretching our ability to hear, understand and communicate!  Our brains can take leaps and bounds in how they understand life.  If we don’t have the words to express ourselves, we may need to make up a few new words!

May we forge new words and thoughts for a new time!  May our words and thoughts feed our evolving into deeper joy.