September 7, 2012 – Receiving the Big Invisible Love

MOON SQUARED NEPTUNE in the middle of the night. Neptune is a flow of energy larger than we are. We may feel some kind of stretching for universal love inside. This universal LOVE is an unconditionally loving energy that created us. This energy is larger than us, beyond our comprehension, and may flow into our consciousness in subtle ways. We may long for this love in tangible material ways, and yet we are the ones who bring that love into the tangible.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 12:12 pm, pdt may remind us that we are on this earth to awaken in consciousness. Every soul’s journey is unique, and yet what we all have in common is we are all growing in our own way. Growth is inescapable, maturing is automatic and our awakening process is unfolding, whether we mean for it to, or not. The more intention we place on our flowering spiritual journey–the more conscious and rewarding it can become. In the light of this URANUS MOON contact, we may receive little magical connections with the big invisible divine. We may be reminded today, that we are the flower on a long chain of spiritual and ancestral roots.

VENUS INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE at 1:52 pm is a sign that we may be feeling this “bigger love,” and wishing to see it reflected in our lives more, in our relationships more, and in our selves more. We cannot ask for this big love to manifest outside of us (even though we may unconsciously desire this external manifestation). Our true power in love is realizing that it comes THROUGH us, not TO us. In allowing this Big Love to come THROUGH us to others, we are loved more and more fully in this flow of larger love, into smaller love. We are the vehicles that translate this big unconditional formless love, into this manifest world. In the “inconjunction,” of VENUS and NEPTUNE we may notice there are “kinks” in the hoses that flow big love to little loving manifestations on earth. We may all have had a few kinks in our love hoses. Today, we may un-block our hoses of love.  Neptune and Venus in their contact can assist us in re-creating the pathways where big love flows into our lives manifesting through us to others in small ways.

May we unblock our hoses of love! Maturing our vessels of Big Love, may we transform it into millions of small loving acts on earth. We are the vehicles of love down here. May we more fully mature this flow of divinity to earth.