September 6, 2012 – Nurturing Creativity within the VOID

MOON is still floating in a VOID between Taurus and Gemini, all day today, until entering Gemini at 9:10 pm, pdt.  This is a creative place of “pre-manifestation” voice, rhythm, song and listening for what is needed next. This VOID space is not a good place for attempting practical things that create achievement. Instead, these things may slip, where we need to “redo them” later. We can easily listen inside today to feel the energetic directions being ushered from our ancestors. This is a good day for “listening within.”

VENUS enters Leo today, from mothering-Cancer, to strength-filled-Leo, at 7:48 am, pdt. Our inner lover moved from gentle nurturing water energy to fiery warm expressive energy, where the Love Goddess planet will be for a month.

MOON enters Gemini at 9:10 pm, pdt then SEXTILES VENUS (fresh into Leo) at 10:31 pm, pdt. MOON has been in a (perhaps) spacey-feeling or transitional-feeling VOID for two days.  This night provides a firework of airy fiery expressive energy that is back on track in the practical world, in a sweet VENUS SEXTILE after two days in the “between-worlds VOID.” This MOON VENUS aspect may feel like we carry a sparkler of fiery communications, filled with healing edges and creative inspirations.

May the Mysterious VOID bring mysterious power into our hearts, from our ancestors’ healing our lineage through us.

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