September 5, 2012 – Terrestrial Phone Home

MERCURY SEXTILE MARS, MOON OPPOSITE MARS and MOON TRINE MERCURY all happen between 1:06 am and 1:08 am, pdt. MOON is in Taurus, MARS in Scorpio and MERCURY in Virgo. In our dreamtime, we may be integrating a Communication with a deep inner Home place. With the MOON MARS OPPOSITION in Taurus and Scorpio, we are integrating right relationship between our resources and others’ resources and potentially re-designing how we expend energy and receive energy on a daily basis.

If we have practical things we need to get done today–they are best done before the MOON goes into the VOID–(before 11:54 am, pdt.) After the MOON enters the VOID, it can be slippery to accomplish new things. It will be an excellent time to “tye up old loose ends,” especially in the realms of our health and energy and our communications with the world. This will be a good portal for a writing/revision project or doing one last cleanse on our bodies, our homes and our habits, before we head into the Winter Season of nourishment and rest.

MOON in Taurus TRINE SUN in Virgo, is at 11:54 am, pdt–the last aspect today before the MOON heads into the VOID for two days!  Lucky for all of us–this VOID is initiated by a power connection between MOON (feminine), TRINE (in a supportive aspect) with the SUN (masculine).

MOON returns to a place of “traction,” in the “real world,” from its “in-between-place,” in the VOID, as it enters Gemini tomorrow night at 9:10 pm, pdt. MOON will float for two days in a mysterious energy transmutation portal–between Taurus and Gemini.

We’re evolving and growing in the realms of communications, our resources and our personal energy. How can we create a rythm in our lives that gives us what we need physically and in the world of communications with others?   We may feel to “re-organize” our daily habits in this two-day-window (today and tomorrow) related to money, energy, pattern of movement, transportation, excersize, food, personal care and communications.

May we create new patterns of relating between male and female. May we utilize and share resources more effectively. May we integrate a new way of being interconnected through sharing and love rather than lack and competition.