September 4, 2012 – Abundance in Mind, Work in Hand, Divine Mama in Spirit!

In this Harvest Season, we have work “in hand.” By committing to this hard work, we reap the benefits of the harvest. The energy of today is like this. MOON OPPOSED SATURN and SQUARED VENUS pre-dawn, PDT. We may rise feeling like there is a lot of work before us!  (or a mountain to climb) and perhaps even a sacrifice of some Venusian qualities, like beauty or romance (or whatever we think). If there is any “sacrifice,” it is only temporary. If we are mourning an ancient feminine sacrifice this morning, that too, has already passed.  We are in this present time, where old wounds are mending and women are rising back into power after a long time of surrendering power. All beings are reclaiming feminine and masculine power in ways that are healing and balancing for all of creation, and there is work to do.

MERCURY TRINE PLUTO at 9:46 am, pdt is an opportunity to “receive messages from our higher self,” and our “lower self,” and to know the difference. If we cannot tell the difference between the devil on our shoulder and the angel on our shoulder; like knowing between love and fear: Here’s How: Fear usually resists, limits and says, “we can’t because blah blah blah.” Love says, “I give whenever i can, because i can–now–I trust in renewal and replenishment, and enough! I desire to experience, share, love and renew! I trust!”

We can empower what we love, communicate in ways that empower others to feel loved and loving, and manifest abundance for our future with this energy!

MOON in Taurus SEXTILE NEPTUNE in Pisces at 11:33 am, pdt is a romantic, poetic, or imaginative moment for kissing something Divine, Supernatural, or Nature Herself. This kiss of the God or Goddess, may inspire us to dream a passionate creation, which sustains our lives with its radiance.

MOON TRINE PLUTO later this evening at 10:38 pm, pdt, is an empowerment for the Divine Feminine Mother within and without. Our Divine Mother touches our Soul and/or our Shadow–whatever is needed. Divinity can transform our weaknesses into strengths. Our authentic Mother in Divinity heals us of inadequacy, providing us with the tools we need to recover ancient strengths and gifts–called for at this time.

With this Power may we honor the life we have, empowering the practices and disciplines needed to sustain us through time. May we Harvest with Love!



September 3, 2012 – Inner-Masculine Transformative Action

VENUS SQUARE SATURN, exact last night in the middle of the night is a cycle point transition in maturing our “great work.” In the realms of money, love, art and beauty–we may have had a maturing shift this last weekend–peaking late last night. Today we can accept and integrate this new level of understanding, which may have “digested” in our personal consciousness in dreamtime, while MOON SEXTILED JUPITER at 2:56 am, pdt.

The morning is charged up on soul-based-action energy with a MARS SEXTILE PLUTO (exact at 4:05 am).

MARS TRINE CHIRON at 8:12 am may give rise to a mystical healing day of instinctual action. This is a magical time to be in nature.

MARS INCONJUNCT URANUS at 10:41 pm, pdt reveals awakening forces for waking up and breaking up old patterns. What can we do to more enliven, awaken and heal ourselves actively?

May the maturing process of the Inner Female (listening) give the support needed for the Transformation of the Inner Male, through Instinctual Divine Action.