September 2, 2012 – Digestive System Death and Rebirth

URANUS will SQUARE PLUTO for the Second Time this year on September 18th. This URANUS PLUTO SQUARE provides a kind of vessel that “tightens,” in its pressure, as we come closer to the 18th. If we are not aligned with our soul and the soul of the world–we’ll feel this square as an increasing pressure to change. This SQUARE has the power to “break us through,” all the old stuck places. In the places where we are “aligned with all of creation,” we may feel ourselves propelled forward at lightning speed.  There is tension in fast change, in soul work, in doing what it takes to make a real break-through.  With good invisible world soulwork, miracles are available today.

MOON is in Aries as of late last night. This independence-seeking, fire MOON SQUARE’s Capricorn PLUTO at 11:56 am, pdt. We may be having learning experiences related to money, power, sex and/or digestion today. MOON is waning–its time to release old bad experiences of money, power, sex and digestion. Our stomach and our feeling capacity is “waking up,” perhaps.  Depending on soul, ancestry and current body needs, a shift in diet can cause a shift in our digestive system and also change how we “process life.”

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS is at 12:59 pm, pdt. It may be best to “eat light,” on a “high energy” day like today. MOON conjunct URANUS has our archetypal Mother coming into contact with the archetypal invisible world–the world that changes instant by instant. Today, as the MOON makes contact with URANUS–we may receive insight into the nature of this Awakening URANUS/PLUTO SQUARE in our own personal lives.

May we be bathed in awakening light, amidst the tension of real change.