September 1, 2012 – Gospel of Awakening

MERCURY went into Virgo, late last night, bringing our communications focus from creative expansion, to focused editing and practical details. This is the harvest season of Virgo. SUN (lifeforce) and MERCURY(mind) are now in the sign of the Virgin Healer. Each of us has a Virgin Healer within!  Today is a day to celebrate that Divine Doctor within!

MOON TRINE VENUS at 1:02 pm, pdt is the aspect which brings all the LOVE, JOY and BEAUTY into today!  With a Pisces MOON TRINE VENUS in Cancer, we can command all the love, abundance, and nourishment we’ve needed at different points in our lives, and have not received–it can all come today! The MOON goes into the VOID between Pisces and Aries for the rest of the day.

In the middle of this portal-like VOID MOON time, MERCURY OPPOSES NEPTUNE (Virgo to Pisces) at 2:16 pm, pdt, giving us the ability to make giant archetypal shifts with our thoughts, words and writings. This is an opposition we can “work,” for re-alignment and new upgrades in our mental and communications software.  We can do this with clear intention, by requesting shifts from Source, in areas where we tend to have mental or communications experiences we dislike.  Now is the time to program, align and weave the fabric of our consciousness into another version of ourselves, that is “who we’ve always wanted to be.”  Any limitations between us and “who we’ve always wanted to be,” reveal where our Spiritual Work is located.

MOON heads from Water to Fire at 10:37 pm, pdt, moving into Aries, from which it will SQUARE PLUTO and CONJUNCT URANUS in the morning. The Moon is coming into its quarter-monthly contact with our URANUS SQUARE PLUTO Awakening Pressure Cooker.

May we take each step in our lives with the gratitude that understands we are a miracle in a magnificent fabric of life world that loves us and mirrors us. If we change ourselves, the whole world changes.