August 31, 2012 – Happy FULL MOON Friday!

MOON TRINE MARS middle of the night may have us energized at odd times throughout the night. MOON SEXTILE PLUTO at 4:12 am, pdt may wake us with some soul-call, asking us to meditate, chant, yoga or love ourselves in some meaningful way!

SUN in Virgo OPPOSITE MOON in Pisces at 6:58 am, pdt is a morning flowering. We are reaching a peak of our cycle of creation this morning. Happy Full Moon! Being a SUN in VIrgo, MOON in Pisces FULL MOON, it is a Harvest FULL MOON, for us to cultivate the best of ourselves for the world and the best of the world for ourselves.  Celebrate!! . . . and have a good time!!

MOON SQUARE JUPITER at 5:58 pm, pdt, offers us a good psychic stretch! We can embrace more spiritual understandings than before with this evening. Many speak about the power of chanting on a Full Moon.

Prayers are powerful at this time. May our hearts voices be heard, echoing into the future roots of the new world.

August 30, 2012 – The Healer Within ~ Full Moon Eve

SUN OPPOSITE CHIRON, pre-dawn, opens a door to our deep healing part. There is a danger in having our pain-body activated as the light of the SUN is piercing into CHIRON–our wounds and our healing (on the surface), looking more deeply we find that the mystery of Healing is the mystery of living LIFE FULLY. If we are not fully alive and connected to earth and spirit in a balanced, healthy way, then we know it, and usually we know on some level what we need to do to heal. Although the SUN gets “bad press,” as the one who “causes,” skin Cancer, the SUN could be a healing force today. I believe that Cancer is caused more by our diet, thoughts, and the health of our bodies.

I’ve recently learned, backing my long time intuition, that Cancer is made up of 70-90 percent Candida. There are books out on this now. Fungus overgrows when things are acid, they also grow to decompose things that are no longer aligned with life. If we have a moment of perfect alignment with life, in that moment–there can be instant healing, as we move from the flow of imbalanced energy, to a flow of balanced alive energy–fed by the living earth and living cosmos. This balancing act can happen in an instant, when we are ready to let go of the stress, anxiety and pain-body. SUN OPPOSITE CHIRON may reveal our longing for perfect balance and harmony with universe, earth, self and others. This longing for healing, wholeness, healthy sexuality, healthy bonding with others and community, and healthy creative contribution–makes us human. Acting on this deep longing to be in harmony with life itself, is revolutionary, in a culture that is out of alignment with life itself in many places.

MOON TRINE SATURN at 8:34 am, pdt can be good nourishment and grounding for wild chaotic and slightly weird energies in the day. This early morning TRINE is a time to set our intentions for the day, because of the strong power it has to nourish and ground these intentions into our lives, even in chaotic waters.

SUN INCONJUNCT URANUS at 8:57 am, pdt, could feel like a wave of chaos. No matter what is happening, its good to find and keep a sense of humor today. Sometimes all it takes  is a tilt of perception, a little sideways to see us all doing what we’re doing, with the perspective that we all choose every action, word and deed! How funny what each one chooses to focus attention on in each moment.

MOON OPPOSES MERCURY at 10:48 am, pdt and communications could be rough on the chaos waves. If we are uncomfortable, its good to take extra breaths before speaking to others. MOON goes into the VOID at just before 11 am, pdt, being in the VOID for a chunk of midday before moving into the watery sign where NEPTUNE and CHIRON currently reside, Pisces, at 3:31 pm, pdt.  Pisces is also the sign of tomorrow’s FULL MOON!  Tonight is the eve of FULL MOON!  It may be a night to dance, rather than speak!

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE at 6:20, pm, pdt, feels like a river.  If we don’t like the boat we’re in, or the river, we can either surrender, or jump ship. This is good to keep in mind whenever the MOON touches NEPTUNE and Pisces.

MOON will TRINE MARS int he middle of the night coming, charging us with a whole lot more watery fire than the FULL MOON alone!  This is a TEMPERENCE FULL MOON in more than one way!  We are tempering our own fire and our own water. We have anger, passion, creativity and movement on the fire side, with emotion, moneyflow and psychic impressions that flow through watery channels we choose on the water side. We are fine-tuning our own use and misuse of our own FIRE and our own WATER at this time. We are learning to temper ourselves from within, harnessing our waters and our fires for the health of our selves and the whole.

FULL MOON is tomorrow morning around sunrise. What a beautiful time for a peak in creation cycle for this one–right at dawn, FULL MOON, harvesting the dawn of 2012 we are. We are crossing a threshold that we’ve all long known is an important threshold to cross. This FULL MOON, we may feel the “eye of the needle” of our personal awakening pressures. TEMPERENCE, the Tarot archetype teaches us to “never try to do this journey alone,” that we will run into “problems,” and we will need to call on angelic and divine intervention and support to create the miracles and transformations needed within and without. Calling in angels for assistance is a healthy response to this time, to any limitation we feel we cannot overcome on our own–we can call in angelic assistance–and it will come. (especially during a FULL MOON in Pisces!)

May we learn to mix our inner waters and fires in ways that heal us, helping us to more soulfully understand, love, accept and mend our interconnections with creation, so we can be cosmic humans in harmony and balance with each other, and life!

August 29, 2012 – Multi-Dimensional Communications Power

MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 12:05 pm, pdt had us doing some creative dreaming all through the night, or we may have been surfing imaginative waters with interesting creatures that represent our Galactic Community.

MOON TRINE JUPITER at 11:43 am, pdt from Aquarius to Gemini has us flying on our wings today–able to achieve eighteen things in a single bound, able to infuse goodness into everything we touch!

SUN TRINE PLUTO earth to earth is great for collaborating on abundance with others. The best way to overcome power struggles is to rest in the soul and speak to the soul of others.

MERCURY SEXTILE SATURN at 6:25 pm, pdt gifts us with the extra grounded ability to communicate special things–that we’ve been waiting for. This energetic moment gifts us with communication abilities across species, intergalactically, and here on earth. If there has been a communications issue–this aspect gives us the communications traction and brilliance–to solve it!  (especially along with all the other aspects today!)

May the day bring a diversity of skills and magical powers of transmutation–able to accomplish multi-dimensional tasks in a single bound!

August 28, 2012- Inner Heart to Outer Worldly Work

MOON SQUARES SATURN in the early morning at 3:33 am, pdt–the last lunar aspet from Capricorn. As we rise this morning, MOON is in the VOID between Capricorn and Aquarius until grounding into the community air sign at 10:38 am, pdt.  “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius,” today being an Aquarian Age work day!

MOON in fixed Air SQUARES MARS in fixed water Scorpio at 4:37 pm, pdt. There could be a peak of stress or emotional tension this eve. We can breathe through this tension, knowing there are magical trines and sextiles ready to greet us tomorrow, after the initiation SQUARES of today.

This is a day to utilize the strong aspects of SATURN and MARS like building together, good work and new discipline.

May our inner heart work and outer worldly work take steps today, to come into alignment!


August 27, 2012 – Quiet Earth Water Art

MOON in Mountain-sign, Capricorn walks slowly and steadily today up a beautiful mountain of the goat’s choice. The goat is steadfast, fearless on the side of the mountain, half-way up a steep climb. Having had the intense Pluto-Soul-Contact yesterday, we may be resting deeply inside. Today is a quiet day, with only one aspect. Step by step we are ushered ahead on the journey, one hoof, one foot, one paw, in front of the other. The sun shines, the creeks bubble and winds blow sweet changing colors into our eyes.  There is beauty in the day. There is peace, and there is good work.  Happy Peaceful Capricorn Day.

Later this evening MOON OPPOSES VENUS at 5:02 pm, pdt, (West Coast Time) for a creative, love or feminine tension point–stretching us to reach into more creativity and/or more compassion.

May our inner peace quiet the voices that ask questions, as we feel the mountain we are climbing, and know that one step at a time, we will make it to the top, where we may see more clearly–why we made this climb.