August 31, 2012 – Happy FULL MOON Friday!

MOON TRINE MARS middle of the night may have us energized at odd times throughout the night. MOON SEXTILE PLUTO at 4:12 am, pdt may wake us with some soul-call, asking us to meditate, chant, yoga or love ourselves in some meaningful way!

SUN in Virgo OPPOSITE MOON in Pisces at 6:58 am, pdt is a morning flowering. We are reaching a peak of our cycle of creation this morning. Happy Full Moon! Being a SUN in VIrgo, MOON in Pisces FULL MOON, it is a Harvest FULL MOON, for us to cultivate the best of ourselves for the world and the best of the world for ourselves.  Celebrate!! . . . and have a good time!!

MOON SQUARE JUPITER at 5:58 pm, pdt, offers us a good psychic stretch! We can embrace more spiritual understandings than before with this evening. Many speak about the power of chanting on a Full Moon.

Prayers are powerful at this time. May our hearts voices be heard, echoing into the future roots of the new world.

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