August 29, 2012 – Multi-Dimensional Communications Power

MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 12:05 pm, pdt had us doing some creative dreaming all through the night, or we may have been surfing imaginative waters with interesting creatures that represent our Galactic Community.

MOON TRINE JUPITER at 11:43 am, pdt from Aquarius to Gemini has us flying on our wings today–able to achieve eighteen things in a single bound, able to infuse goodness into everything we touch!

SUN TRINE PLUTO earth to earth is great for collaborating on abundance with others. The best way to overcome power struggles is to rest in the soul and speak to the soul of others.

MERCURY SEXTILE SATURN at 6:25 pm, pdt gifts us with the extra grounded ability to communicate special things–that we’ve been waiting for. This energetic moment gifts us with communication abilities across species, intergalactically, and here on earth. If there has been a communications issue–this aspect gives us the communications traction and brilliance–to solve it!  (especially along with all the other aspects today!)

May the day bring a diversity of skills and magical powers of transmutation–able to accomplish multi-dimensional tasks in a single bound!

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