August 27, 2012 – Quiet Earth Water Art

MOON in Mountain-sign, Capricorn walks slowly and steadily today up a beautiful mountain of the goat’s choice. The goat is steadfast, fearless on the side of the mountain, half-way up a steep climb. Having had the intense Pluto-Soul-Contact yesterday, we may be resting deeply inside. Today is a quiet day, with only one aspect. Step by step we are ushered ahead on the journey, one hoof, one foot, one paw, in front of the other. The sun shines, the creeks bubble and winds blow sweet changing colors into our eyes.  There is beauty in the day. There is peace, and there is good work.  Happy Peaceful Capricorn Day.

Later this evening MOON OPPOSES VENUS at 5:02 pm, pdt, (West Coast Time) for a creative, love or feminine tension point–stretching us to reach into more creativity and/or more compassion.

May our inner peace quiet the voices that ask questions, as we feel the mountain we are climbing, and know that one step at a time, we will make it to the top, where we may see more clearly–why we made this climb.

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