August 26, 2012 – Earth Soul Visit

MOON entered Earth Capricorn this morning at 6:58 am, pdt, getting ready to visit PLUTO (soul power) later today.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 9:51, pdt, brings our little water and the big water together.  They are feeding and nourishing each other. This is a moment to visit our spiritual river.

MOON SEXTILE MARS this morning at 10:21 am, adds some potent fire to our spirit-touched selves. We’re in the midst of high human alchemy, mixing fire and water.

SUN TRINE MOON today at 1:50 pm, pdt is a magic Earth TRINE between Solar and Lunar parts. This harmony is always welcome after the earlier SUN/MOON SQUARE on Friday. Sun and Moon dance between tension and harmony, then tension and then harmony. Like an elemental push-pull chamber, shaping our relatable selves. Today we have harmony.

May our spirit and earth selves weave together as one, blessing all who are beholden by our eyes. With our ears may we hear only soul callings and heart longings, putting all surface chit chat up for rewiring in Love’s heart-mending station.



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