August 25, 2012 – Tricky Wax for Growth, Healing and Spiritual Understanding

MOON in Sagittarius OPPOSES JUPITER in Gemini at 3:23 am, pdt, after a TRINE to URANUS yesterday evening, giving us refreshing magic late last night, and deep understandings, this morning, after a potentially “turbulent day or odd day,” as so many reported, of NEPTUNE SQUARE SUN SQUARE MOON–yesterday.

This morning, at 10:44 am, pdt, MOON TRINES MERCURY giving us some much-needed ease in communications, after yesterday’s hullabaloo!

CHIRON comes “Perigree,” or “closest to Earth,” this evening at 8:10 pm, pdt offering us a healing challenge or healing gift–depending on “which side of Chiron’s coin we are on.”

MOON SEXTILE SATURN at 11:39 pm, pdt gives us a potentially more and more grounded supported feeling the further into today that we travel.

MARS TRINE NEPTUNE, late tonight at 11:53 pm, pdt is a powerful psychic force we may need to manage, for better or worse. We will likely know what form we are manifesting this psychic energy, within our lives. Positive Uses are: Divine Masculine Spirit work, Water Work, Inner Body Temple Work, Excersize, Inner Masculine Healing Work, Belief System Work, or Repatterning.

if you are near a coastal area, you may wish to handle with care or prayer.

May we all surf these big waves of these days in alchemical grace, gifted by Spirit.

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