August 21, 2012 – One Step At A Time ~ Building A New World

MOON is in Libra this morning, surfing between an uplifted TRINE to JUPITER, from last night and a MOON CONJUNCT SATURN later this evening at 5:00 pm, pdt.

SATURN recently was kissed by MARS, and this evening, personal MOON emphasizes this NEW WORK-NEW WORLD aspect. We are spurred by the passion, light, and longing in our own heart!  Since SATURN has been transiting Libra for the last two years, our social life and our partnerships have been cutting old superficial stuff away.  Now we’re infusing it with new life–only more authentic and more about life-purpose-work for everyone.

MOON CONJUNCTS MARS at 11:24 pm, pdt. We may have energy to accomplish life-purpose-related things, late in the night!  This is a good work aspect!

Today is one of those “getting down to brass tacks” kind of days. We can do the work we are each called to do, one step at a time. May each step be filled with richness and beauty!

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