August 20, 2012 – Catharsis Morning into Communicative Evening

MOON touches the big PLUTO SQUARE URANUS this morning by SQUARING PLUTO at 10 am, pdt (West Coast Time) and OPPOSING URANUS at 11:25 am, pdt–tapping us into our personal awakening pressure-cooker.

SUN SEXTILE MARS at 2:45 pm, pdt, activates our action potential and ability to respond to our own creative blueprints.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY at 3:53 pm, pdt may gift us with the ability to communicate our feelings, our authentic needs, and our healing responses with others.

MOON SQUARE VENUS at 7:42 pm, pdt is a point of tension between two feminine energies, or a creative process within. Tis the season to acknowledge the difficult things and love through all pain.

MOON in Libra TRINE JUPITER in Gemini at 8:32 pm, pdt gives us the ability to expand beyond past limitations within our communications and relations with others. This is a good evening to write letters to those we need to be in touch with, for healing, for business, for completion, or for love.

Surfing the positive and change-filled waves of communications, may our hearts work to overcome limitations, finding creative solutions.


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