August 18, 2012 – Telephone to God(dess)

MOON in earthly Virgo TRINE PLUTO in earthly Taurus, gifts us with an earthly power at 6:13 am upon rising. This power is something we can focus on whatever we need it for.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS at 12:05 pm, pdt offers us a sweet feminine dose of harmony and creativity-her way. (that is the inner feminine–inside men as well).

MERCURY INCONJUNCT CHIRON at 1:31 pm, pdt is a learning contact between communications and wounds that may feel wounding or soothing for those involved. This is an aspect that can cause joy or suffering, depending on how we focus our minds. It is important to see ourselves in a process of healing at all times, with the intention of mending rifts with others. We are a big healing ball of humanity at this time–growing to become more whole and more aware. We are healing beyond judgment of each other and all the ways that separation consciousness has hurt.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER later in the afternoon at 4:26 pm, pdt is a stretch for each of us to make into our right relationship with the world. We can bring light, truth and wisdom to our world, we are the torch carriers of this truth.

MERCURY TRINE URANUS at 4:29 pm, pdt, along with the above SQUARE (work) point, gifts us with three ounces of magic for every ounce of hard work we contribute today! The invisible world will back us up if we put our whole self into the world today! This can be a lot of fun! This magical aspect carries us into the night–communicating with spirit!

May our telephone to God/Goddess today be used by each of us to benefit all beings on earth.

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