August 16, 2012 – Dark Moon Magic

DARK MOON waning in Leo TRINE URANUS in Aries, pre-dawn (2:00 am pdt), awakens us into a Magical Fiery Glow alive with invisible world-charged access connected with our brightest child-like creativity!  In the bottom of the mid-summer lunar cycle of creation, we can feel ourselves transitioning seasonally–unfolding this summer, soon to head into fall and winter. With this magical invisible world energy–we can do multi-dimensional clearing and renewing. Now we touch another cycle of death (in the dark moon today) to birth (tomorrow with the NEW MOON at 8:54 am, pdt). In the blink of an eye there is change, this change can be what we choose to change.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 10:32 am, pdt adds magic to the earlier magic. Here we expand beyond our capacity. Whatever we thought our limitations were–we can expand beyond them. Today is a day to clean out all the old clutter in our psyche’s that does not perceive ourselves as the divine and conscious beings we can be. Since outer cleaning can facilitate inner cleaning, we may wish to clean our environment physically today–to prepare for the fresh new energy coming tomorrow morning in the NEW MOON morning light.

Tomorrow’s NEW MOON will be at 25 degrees Leo. There are TWO FULL MOONS in the month of August, making the upcoming FULL MOON (on August 31), a BLUE MOON.

May our magical clearing power make way for the new creative light birthing tomorrow morning.

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