June 23, 2012 – Riverbanks and the River

SUN in Leo SQUARES MOON in Taurus as we cross into the DARK SIDE of the lunar cycle, where the energy unwinds, into the more internal regenerative places. MOON goes into the VOID between Taurus and Gemini with this aspect at 11:55 am, pdt.

VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE at 3:34 pm, pdt, provides a fluie that emerges when we can relax into our own natural divine-human-river. This, for most people, at this time, means slowing down, and relaxing the judge of time, allowing life to propel us through inspiration and divinely infused empowerment, rather than judgement / fear of judgment. In our “River of Life,” we are able to go with the flow, where our heart-soul-guide is showing us–it may feel scarry and unknown, and yet when we “let go,” of the known and go “with,” what is opening, expanding and inspiring us, then we will find ourselves, “in our authentic divinely driven RIVER.”

If the Riverbanks need repair–we’ll know today with the burst of fiery SOLAR ENERGY at its PEAK for this year! We’re on SACRED FIRE!! HALLELUJAH!! The Whole Human Race is ON FIRE. Due to the nature of Fire energy, this is a time to do WATER meditations, honoring and calling water to parched soil and mouths. We can BE the CLOUDS, by bringing water where it is needed, like dry roots and poverty stricken areas who feel the heat. As we “walk through fire,” for and with each other, we are in a birth canal of sorts. We’re pumping our way through, during this 2011-2012 birthing–we’re in the most alchemical mysterious of lunar cycles–it being the mythic step of HANGED MAN, in a Human-Earth Awakening Portal. The key to this space is a mystical alchemy due to subtle shifts, like feeling more gratitude, focusing the petals of the heart subtly more open, and sending love to trees, people and places on the earth. These kinds of “subtle energy practices,” are the area of the Hanged Man, in the Human Awakening Journey through this Portal in Time.

Our HEART’s are our POWER PORTALS!!  Our potential in this time is to EMPOWER our HEART’s ability to have other SENSES, beyond touch, taste, smell and sight, our heart has levels of “sense,” that we can become aware of and expand, through practice.

Our Awakened Heart’s Eyes will be able to see into the unknown where our third dimensional eyes cannot see and our minds cannot predict. Fear may bite at our thoughts, threatening to take us down dark tunnels of thought potentials. We’ll have none of that, we’re fixing our river-banks, preparing for the Divine Flow of consciousness that we’ll ride.

The SUN TRINE NEPTUNE and MOON SEXTILE SATURN are the only two aspects today, as we prepare for the MOST POTENT URANUS SQUARE PLUTO, coming to a head late this nightat 2:12 am, West Coast Time. This URANUS SQUARE PLUTO point is a power point of change. Every story we’ve ever been told about waking up, shaking up and “moving through the eye of the needle,” that eye of the needle is the URANUS PLUTO SQUARES, seven times over the next FOUR YEARS.

Tomorrow, June 24th, marks the opening of a CHANGE ENERGY that does not let up for four years. Pachamama Alliance’s “Four Years Go Program,” may have been meant for this FOUR YEAR WINDOW we enter THIS LATE NIGHT and TOMORROW DAWN.  We cross a threshold in our human-earth-solar relationship that is unprecedented for humanity. We surf this threshold in our consciousness together, into an unknown, yet exciting, expanded and super-conscious-future, aware of our interconnectedness as one human family, sharing the Earth.


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