August 9, 2012 – Letting Go into Sweet Unwinding

SUN in Leo SQUARES MOON in Taurus as we cross into the DARK SIDE of the lunar cycle, where the energy unwinds, into the more internal regenerative places. MOON goes into the VOID between Taurus and Gemini with this aspect at 11:55 am, pdt.

VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE at 3:34 pm, pdt, provides a fluid feminine source of love, sensuality, creativity and water in the midst of a MOON VOID portal–opening up spiritual opportunity and closing logistical accuracy for the day.  This is an aspect with which to flow with beauty, sensuality and feminine emergence. When VENUS and NEPTUNE come together we can dance, sing, play music and make love with ourselves, life or another.

If there was a day to let the spirit of Dionysus into our lives–today is a good one. Dionysus would intoxicate us with sacred plants until we have forgotten all that limits us–all negative judgments and inhibitions–so we are left in a field of blissful exploration and wonder. When we emerge from this journey–we are renewed, having lost some of our negative limitations.  May we love the loss of limitations–seeing our freedom more clearly.

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