August 10, 2012 – Communication like a Feather

(FRIDAY) – MOON comes closest to Earth today–in her larger cycle. MOON cleanses us like a sage stick as she does this. MOON is still VOID this morning, pausing with reflection, before entering Gemini at 1:11 pm, pdt. Our minds may feel lifted by rising currents of light and air in today’s geometry.

MOON SEXTILES MERCURY, applying personal genius to communications that may have gone awry in the last few weeks. Today we can make amends. Communication is gifted and we’re able to communicate with more grace and authentic affection.

MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE at 5:28 pm, pdt providing tension between personal water and larger collective water. We each have a unique vision, perception and mission. Sometimes understanding each other is a stretch–and its worth the stretch to get to understanding. We can use the MERCURY TRINE to communicate gracefully through a portal to the “great unknown,” sending change into our plans and spice into our life.

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