August 5, 2012 – Home Base Communication

This morning, we wake up on earth, as we do every morning, and it may be one of those mornings where we say, “Earth to someone.” That someone may even be ourselves. The MOON is in the VOID between Pisces and Aries. We’ve been in vast slippery spacey water energy and we will now step from water to fire like an alchemical cauldron that will now be lit with the fire of our divine refiner.

MOON enters Aries this afternoon, from the VOID at 1:58 pm, pdt. We light the fire of our inner leadership and passion, underneath the cauldron of watery emotion that we’ve stirred in the last few days.

MOON in fire TRINES MERCURY RETROGRADE in fire, this evening. We are ignited with our own inner fire. MERCURY RETROGRADE alchemizes us in ways we may not see for years, as it moves backward, in our psyche, cleaning up the old places that need sweeping out, by mythically touching us in our inner child.

May the forgotten parts of our inner child, spark us with transformative remembrance, joy and newly inspired leadership.


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