August 4, 2012 – Harnessing our Heavenly Chariot

This morning we rise inside of a watery world of our own making. The SUN in inner-child-leadership-Leo, and MOON in sweet-water Pisces will deliver us into our imagination.  Today’s solar creative fire, allied with lunar imaginary landscapes, gives us a palette on which to experience our personal manifestation of Heaven on Earth. We have made it “back to the garden,” the garden of our own making.

Every one of us in this current Earth experience, cannot help but be “on the journey” of the twirling earth at this time. Every dawn, every planetary conjunction, and every midnight, we are bathed in the changing cosmic forces that shower us from within and without. These forces unfold us like a closed-up onion into an effulgent lotus flower.

Today rests between two squares. (working us from both angles–to remember and to awaken). In the middle of the night, MOON SQUARED JUPITER, at 2:27 am, pdt. We are stretched into our greatness, even if beyond our own comfort zone. We are called by the vast forces of the universe, into our awakening more fully.

We are free of major geometric tensions until tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 10:56 am, pdt, when the MOON SQUARES VENUS. With this aspect, MOON transitions to the VOID between Pisces and Aries.  This square asks us to overcome love-tension with love itself. Adding more love, even in the midst of difficulties is an effective remedy–it works.

May we re-member our love-chariot, activating the wisdom, depth and power of our loving heart, in the face of every awakening pressure and perceived limitation.


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