August 2, 2012 – Syncronicity in Action

SUN in Leo SEXTILE JUPITER in Gemini this morning, pre-dawn, gives us a portal of syncronicity today, as we bask in the radiant creative light of the FULL MOON, which peaked at 8:27 pm, pdt–last night.  This expansion of writing, speaking and thinking (JUPITER in Gemini) in ways that collaborate with LOVE of self and the world (a SUN in Leo high note), gifts us with this kind of peak intelligence today.

MOON TRINE MARS at 8:06 am, pdt gifts us with action from our core. We know where we need to move and can act on it. There is a tremendous amount of power in the airy communications realm right now. We’re in a loose GRAND TRINE with MOON in Aquarius, MARS and SATURN in Libra, and VENUS at the end of Gemini, heading for mother-based Cancer on August 7th–the day MERCURY goes DIRECT.

We have already been rewiring, relearning, and re-routing internal systems with MERCURY RETROGRADE (for three weeks). MERCURY continues to RETROGRADE until August 7th, when it stations to go DIRECT in the evening–making Aug 7 : a day of potential chaos.  The GRAND TRINE today gifts us with the real juice of our “rewiring process,” as we fill ourselves with new ideas, actions and light, that replace the old.

MOON TRINES SATURN in the evening from later degrees in Aquarius, to later degrees of Libra, 120 degrees apart from each other, giving us a geometry of stability and nourishment. We may feel “met” by the world in a way that feels supportive deep inside. This is a gift from the fabric of life to a changing human psyche, in the face of a changing world.

May we listen attentively to the syncronicities afoot, and may we drink deeply of the nourishment and sense of centering that is in this day. SATURN’s gift, with the MOON is feeling our CORE, as it connects to the core of our physical earth.


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