August 1, 2012 – Aquarian Revolution! Happy FULL MOON!!

MOON enters Aquarius at 2:56 am, pdt, so as we rise this morning we meet our inner revolution “first thing.” This Aquarius MOON is almost FULL as we come into the day and carries the peak creative and transformative energy for the 28 day lunar cycle of creation.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY meets us with a communications work at 8:58 am, pdt. We are at a peak in the realm of communications with the FULL MOON lighting up our Mercurial world.

MOON SEXTILES URANUS this evening at 5:15 pm, for a feeling of genius and magic.  The Aquarius MOON is fueled by URANUS in Aries, filled with the fire to start new things, overturn old things, and in general bring genius and eccentricity into everything we do!

FULL MOON takes place at 8:27 pm, pdt. This MOON SUN dance occupies Aquarius and Leo. From Leo, the SUN asks us to shine, create, enjoy and embody our divine child.  Opposing the MOON in Aquarius, we are stretched into our unique genius. The light of this MOON wishes for us to dance, sing, and be wild.

Polarizations between people could arise, as always with an opposition, however FULL MOON light is the creme of energy we are given in the lunar cycle. We are empowered with this creative light, now.

MOON in Aquarius TRINE JUPITER in Gemini, blesses us with good luck, spontaneous gifts and new friends.

May we revel in the peak energy of today–taking no moment for granted–utilizing this light to transform, manifest and change all that needs our attention.

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