July 30, 2012 – Ignite Solar Radiance

MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE early this morning at 4:31 am, pdt. This spiritual grace energy can be used for a morning meditation that may pave the way for a PLUTO-touched day. (a death/rebirth) experience of one kind or another, due to MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO at 1:03 pm, pdt.

Today, we’re in the PLUTO URANUS SQUARE in our own personal way, as the MOON touches each part of the SQUARE. Don’t be a “squarian,” but learn to invoke magic when limitation or power struggle arises.

MOON SQUARES URANUS at 2:34 pm, pdt. It is time for change, movement and breakthrough when we may feel like holding on. Its best to let go, release, cleanse and invite new energies in.

SUN TRINE URANUS late tonight at 10:22 pm, pdt is a magical doorway of joy, genius, revolution and happiness. This TRINE supports alternative energy, creative expression, uniqueness and solutions to anything we ask of it. We can “rock our own world” today.

Rock on!!

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