July 29, 2012 – Waxing toward FULL MOON LUNAR LAMMAS

MOON WAXES toward FULL MOON on August 1st, also Lunar Lammas. This time of year is about celebrating the FIRST HARVEST of our solar year’s cycle of creation. The FULL MOON will be in Aquarius, lighting up the authentic revolution, which is happening–not only in the world, as we see it–but also in each of our own uniquely crafted hearts.  Leo’s, Aquarians, Taurians & Scorpions–WATCH OUT, our worlds and the worlds we touch will be awakened in this cycle–for the Fixed Cross holds the cauldron of Awakening.

MOON OPPOSES VENUS this afternoon, reminding us that we’re coming into the FULL MOONLIGHT and potentially polarized love and friendship tension that alchemizes breakthrough’s and changes. Often during polarizing forces we will have a dark player and a light player.  We may have one friend blessing us and one friend cursing us. We can find grace in the middle, between the two.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN at 2:01 pm, pdt gifts us with some harmonious grounding energy, mothering energy can come from within or without–its always nurturing.

May we overlook the polarized moments and see the grace, utilizing tension for breakthroughs, receiving the deep nourishment of today–on a physical level.




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