July 28, 2012 – Magical Creation Communications

In the middle of the night, we negotiate the crossover from water to fire as the MOON shifts from Scorpio to Sagittarius. MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE at 2:25 am, pdt, giving tension for crossing any abyss. We can build a bridge with this tension.

MOON TRINE SUN at 8:16 am, pdt gifts us with solar and lunar harmony. Masculine and Feminine can collaborate, dance, or gift each other in this magic.

MOON TRINE MERCURY at 8:45 am, pdt gifts us with compassionate listening and clear communications. This kind of magical sword of mercy and truth offers us healing salve after the tense mercury aspects of last week.

MOON TRINE URANUS at 12:28 pm gifting us invisible connections with angelic magic, or any other form of invisible magic, including pixels or pixies, whatever one chooses to connect with in this geometric c0-creation energy!

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY at 12:58 pm, pdt gives the potential for chaos or grace. The potency of the SUN with MERCURY has a charge to it that is fiery and crackles with light and electricity. Used in the service of humor, fun and play, this is a winning combination, however the power level is high, so energy can “combust,” if we don’t focus it well. This is an aspect for a disciplined mind, harnessing the immense power and light being channeled through the mind.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER at 2:37 pm, pdt, expands us to include the great places of paradox. We can overcome paradox with a committment to love and forgiveness and especially a sense of humor when paradox arises!

MOON SEXTILE MARS at 10:23 pm, pdt, charges our night with intense masculine energy, allied with emotional charge. This is a good time for an emotionally cleansing night hike, or a ritual dance party.

May the day’s diversity of archetypal content make for a lively transformative vessel of our consciousness, able to surf this day like the Magcian–a master of the four elements!!


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