June 11, 2012 – Home Shift, Jupiter Shift, Communications Shift and Healing Shift

Happy New Year, in the Mayan Calendar. Sirius (Dogstar) Rises with the sun. This is a New Mayan Year, and a New Quarter in our waxing lunar cycle. MOON SQUARES SUN in the middle of the night at 1:56 am, pdt, pushing us into the most intense and creatively alive part of the cycle.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO at 8:27 am, pdt has us awakening this morning, deeply in touch with a piece of our soul. We may be aware of a heart ache, a calling, or a deep emotional movement inside.  This passion, depth and longing is our power, touching us, asking us to renew our vows with life itself.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 8:38 am, pdt gives us a communications challenge right from the early morning. We are challenged to get it all done, fit it all in, find the money, get it to where it needs to go, and trust that we have the power to take care of whatever needs taking care of.

The Day out of time (yesterday) is the culmination of the 13 Moon Calendar year originated from the Mayan science of time.  The 13 Moon Calendar is a Solar, Lunar, Galactic calendar that measures time from a 4th dimensional quantitative and qualitative perspective, revealing the synchronic and cyclical nature of time. The 13 Moon calendar is comprised of thirteen 28 day months, just as there are 13 lunations in a solar year.

This Mayan Year, we begin TODAY, is a White Rhythmic Mirror year. This white rythmic mirror year carries a continuing significance on the rythm of the lunar cycles. From White Rythmic Wizard to White Rythmic Mirror, we are still working with the magic of the moon, this year, with even more receptivity and “listening.”

May this Solar Sirian NEW YEAR bring a renewt, heading for a healing communications morning light.

MERCURY TRINE CHIRON at 8:08 am pdt-tomorrow morning.  This TRINE can communicate pure-heartedly, overcoming challenges with authenticity.