July 25, 2012 Mayan Day Out of Time

MOON TRINE VENUS late last night sent us into dreamtime with feminine peace and magic. We arise with MERCURY TRINE URANUS at 6:28am, pdt igniting our day with fast-moving high communications genius energy.  The early morning has astrological traction to get things done in a whizz!

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN at 8:22 am, sends the MOON into the VOID between Libra and Scorpio, for the rest of the day. This day out of time and MOON VOID of course, reveal a day when we can step inside and observe the mysteries of creation within. We are called to meditate on our own creations, seeing where upgrades are needed.

MOON enters Scorpio at 7:29 pm, pdt at which point we enter our deepest selves. Our selves that have power and deep desires and intensity within that draws forth sex, soul and transformation.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE late tonight at 11:46 pm, pdt, gives us a watery poetic night to dance, sing and play with our deep watery natures.

May the waters of the Day Out of Time wash us of our previous year’s cobwebs.