July 24, 2012 – Sharing Our Messages

MOON SQUARE PLUTO (Libra to Capricorn) pre-dawn, at 4:59 am, pdt has us arising in the grungy change energy of PLUTO SQUARE URANUS, touched by the personal MOON.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS at 6:26 am, pdt is a shocking revelatory aspect, heralding great changes within and without. What are these changes?

MOON TRINE JUPITER in air, exact at 7:15 am, pdt gives us wings to fly today. We don’t need to accomplish things in the way we think we are supposed to, for example, when we have wings, we don’t drive to work, we fly.

MOON in Libra SEXTILE MERCURY in Gemini at 7:32 am, pdt (west coast time), ignites our communications magic with trickster humor or fast-talking genius.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS at 12:09 pm, pdt brings action into our home, our mothers and our feelings.

MERCURY in Leo, SEXTILE JUPITER in Gemini at 12:15 pm, pdt is a Lion Roaring from within!  This lion says, I expand, emerge and transform this world through my expression, my presence, and my participation!

We are called, on a soul level, to find our expressions, gifts and words, and share them, now, not later.