July 23, 2012 – Divine Sacred Leadership

MOON went into the VOID between Virgo and Libra, yesterday evening at 5:44 pm, pdt. This is a clean-up void. When in doubt–clean. MOON remains in this void all morning until 3:38 pm pdt.

MOON enters Libra at 3:38 pm, pdt, and we enter the space of peace and relationship, on the wheel of life.

Leadership Air MOON SEXTILES Leadership Fire SUN for a dynamic day of inner-leadership. We can guide and lead each facet of our lives today, nomatter how complex. We have the mind and the heart to lead ourselves well.

Even though MERCURY is RETROGRADE, today may be a good day for planning for the weeks ahead, keeping in mind that MERCURY RETRO gives a slipperyer field than usual, so thanks may change in a moment and its good to make “back up arrangements,” and back up contact information. Its also good to double-check all transportation arrangements in the Mercury Retro field. The key to grace is flexibility and non-attachment, when things change.

May the source of fluid change and divine sacred leadership be with you today.


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