June 10, 2012 – Personal Death & Rebirth

MOON TRINE PLUTO, Virgo to Capricorn, in the middle of the night gives earth power to fuel our morning as we arise. We’re moved today by more than ourselves. We are feeling some large forces touching us with archetypal material that may have us looking at big things.

SUN shifts from Cancer to Leo today, pre-dawn, bringing us more core-centered fire!

MERCURY SEXTILE MARS (also pre-dawn) at 3:55 am gives fire to communications. Communications may seem charged today with more aggression than usual. This energy it. This “touch of DEATH,” is a purge of our inauthentic places. Niceties that cover over the truth are swept away with this aspect, as the uncomfortable truths must eventually be spoken and felt.

Although social convention or sugary foods may be lost when MOON SQUARES VENUS, today, at 12:16 pm, pdt (pacific / west coast Time), deeper truths are revealed. This truth-telling tension is building a foundation for a more authentic way of being. This aspect may ask us to rise in our ability to articulate deeper truths we aren’t used to speaking about. Social Convention might keep us from interacting with others in ways that are more honest.  Today’s energy calls us to move past the limited language of social convention, into ways of speaking that mirror our feelings, even when they are Plutonian.  PRAYERS embody words with depth together and can hold the power of PLUTO in grace.  Today is a good Sacred Sunday for our own Prayers.

MOON OPPOSES MARS late tonight just past midnight.  SUN SQUARE MOON is a corner of masculine feminine tension, holding the shifting lunar cycle from Waning Light Quarter to Waning Dark Quarter (4th quarter). By tomorrow morning, we’ll have walked through tension into a phase of “final release and unwinding” of the Eclipse Lunar Cycle.

May our words reach to stretch our own hearts, expanding vocabulary to express them.