June 8, 2012 – Honor the Divine Feminine or Die, says the Earth.

This morning we rise with the MOON in Leo, CONJUNCT MERCURY, RETROGRADE, exact in the middle of the night at 3:34 am, pdt. Our communthe third dimensional world, to balance the whole world into PEACE.

The Divine Feminine is a FORCE of creation, love, nourishment, beauty, and grace. The Divine Masculine is a FORCE of form, structure and focus. In balancing these forces in ourselves and our world, today’s astrology gifts the Divine Feminine in all of us, with the grace that is rightfully her creation and reflection, yet has been denied or “hidden,” for a long time. This Feminine Grace is returning.

MOON TRINE VENUS at 7:49 am, pdt gives this grace early in the day, igniting a Divine Feminine Light that may be carried like a river all day long.

At 3:35 pm, SUN TRINES MOON, revealing the sacred friendship between Divine Masculine LIght and Feminine Light, and their ultimate “pact,” in the sacred act of creation. The Divine Feminine rises today, lifting with it, the friendship with and love of the Divine Masculine.

MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE at 6:49 pm. Who doesn’t honor their mother?  All of creation honors itself and each other so deeply and with such delicate care that one wonders how such interconnected miracles may take place?  How is it that bees come to pollinate the vanilla flower?  The “silent communications,” that exist between creatures, is one expression of this beautiful connection between our COMMUNICATOR, MERCURY and our SPIRITUAL PATH, NEPTUNE. NEPTUNE is our Spiritual Mother and MERCURY is the place where we communicate with her and receive her communications. NEPTUNE may be any expression of divine, however it does tend to be filled with feminine softness, beauty and wisdom, often with colors so rich we are filled with awe. In this TRINE, we may be called into reverence for creation in some way. If we are already there, we may wish to pick up a unique megaphone and make a “bird call,” to the world about where we are going, and how exciting is this “Reborn World,” where the Divine Feminine is Honored in a new way, by and with the Divine Masculine, in sacred partnership of mutual honor.

MOON TRINE SATURN at 11:35 pm, PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) gives the Divine Feminine the extra organizational, grounded presence to finish whatever needs finishing. This is a prime night to have a “late work night,” in that one may “find the solutions,” and complete all the tasks in record time with this support of today and tonight.

May the Divine Feminine in each one use these DF blessed Powers well today, and may the Divine Masculine recognize the joy of uplifting, empowering and loving the Divine Feminine, and the magical ways that transforms each one’s life, back and forth, kindness and generosity regenerates lifeforce for all of creation. Kali and Durga are afoot today, as the passionate loving Goddess Returns to the EARTH.