July 19, 2012 – HAPPY NEW MOON of Breakthrough Creativity

NEW MOON was at the end of Cancer late last night, emphasizing another cycle of deep nurturing mothering energy that is “of the earth-mama.” Cancer energy nourishes us on a deep level. This morning this freshly New Moon, rises in Fire Leo, as of 3:13 am, pdt.

MOON INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE at 8:11 am, initiates a kind of spacey awkwardness that is simply an adjustment and refinement in the area of our home-based spirit connection and how energy moves through our homes and communities. Is our community healthy or stagnant?  Is the food we eat healthy or toxic?  Today is a day to allow the divine river of change to refine our home-base.

MOON INCONJUNCT PLUTO is an awkward energy related to money and power. We are picking up new tools, doing things in new ways and with new perspectives, as we evolve in time. There is awkwardness in applying these new tools and skills as we face a collapsing old economy for an emerging new economy. What is emerging and what is dying?

This evening, MOON SEXTILES JUPITER at 6:22 pm PDT, (West Coast Time). This infusion of grace may lift us out of the “weird energy” of the morning. (Transitions and change make strangeness sometimes). We’re emerging from our two day initiation portal in the dark moon yesterday and the day before. By this evening, we may feel elevated out of the “pressure cooker,” of the MARS, PLUTO, URANUS, MOON aspects (temporarily). We pushed through the eye of the changing needle for now.

MOON TRINE URANUS at 8:08 pm, pdt ignites a supportive invisible connection for us to utilize in our life. We have the ability to bring fun, solutions, miracles, gifts and humor to any situation tonight.

MOON SEXTILE MARS at 9:12 pm, pdt may ask us to love our bodies by dancing, cleaning out a part of our home to make it more sacred, or going on a starlit night hike.

May the morning of weird emerge to the evening of celebration and body love.