May 30, 2012 – Call for Deep Healing of Earth and Water

This week is full of surprises, tricks, magic prayers, and windows of opportunity that appear and disappear. URANUS is slowing down to station, at 2:49 am on Friday the 13th!  Uranus is the fire that fuels miracles and our authentic freedom of expression. Sometimes when Outer Planets Station, like the URANUS STATION, coming, there is a sensation of events that are “beyond our control.” These events can be anything from technological breakdowns, to earthquakes, to shake-ups and rearrangements of plans that we don’t expect.  The forces at work love us deeply and although we may be shocked by the happenings, nothings shocks the One who Witnesses. This Uranian week is a week for the spiritual witness, the intuition, the inner voice and the reception of new invention and new birth coming (even amidst the appearance of chaos).

MERCURY goes STATIONARY RETROGRADE on Saturday, (the very next day!) We’ve all heard MERCURY RETROGRADE! a million times, along with the technological scheduling “doom-gloom” about it. If we are to be Masters of this world, we must overcome this Mercury Retrograde Doom!  MERCURY RETROGRADE is MAGICAL! It is the on love, cross polination and soulfertilization.




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