July 15, 2012 – Higher Self Sisterhood Sunday

We rise with MOON in Gemini SEXTILE Gemini’s Planet: MERCURY, exact at 6:46 am, pdt. (West Coast Time). These Communications Wings we find at our feet this morning may take us places we never expected we might go! Surprises are the realm of Gemini, especially when there is a MARS-PLUTO-URANUS T-SQUARE in effect!

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS at 7:30 am, pdt is the Higher-Self Sisterhood aspect. We may wish to listen within. MOON WANES down toward a dark release point on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week–before the New Moon.  This Deep Inner Feminine Conference is a good time to hear “whispers from angels in our ears,” as we look toward a volatile yet regenerative URANUS OPPOSITE MARS at the New Moon, in a T-SQUARE with PLUTO on the night of July 18, 9:24, pm, pdt.

May we surrender to our deep inner sweet receptive state, to hear beneath our own surface.

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