July 14, 2012 – Sun Square Saturn-Day with Mercury Retro

MOON enters Gemini around dawn, 5:26 am, pdt (Pacific Daylight Time).  In Airy Gemini, MOON SQUARES Water Pisces NEPTUNE at 1100 am. This SQUARE could feel confusing, overwhelming or we may spill our waters, or our emotions onto our table, seeing what most needs tending.

MERCURY is SEXTILE VENUS at 3:42 pm, pdt. This artistic communications magic is in our pocket of tricks today! Our wishes are the command of our mouth and hand.

MOON TRINES MARS at 6:05 pm, pdt fueling our emotions with action. Passion with Action equals Mission. Our Souls are ready to be on mission! This evening is an evening for our inner Brotherhood of Light to gather.

MERCURY is STATIONing more and more slowly until stopping at 7:16 pm, pdt now RETROGRADE for THREE WEEKS, beginning today!! This will be a 3 WEEK SHAMANIC INITIATION in Communications and Details, especially for Leo’s and other Fixed signs and Fire signs. For each of us, this MERCURY RETROGRADE in Leo asks us, what did we want to do when we were young?  What are the details about whether or not we are fulfilling childhood dreams?  The upcoming lunar cycle of creation is a cycle to re-member our childhood dreams and see in what form we can bring them to fruition.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER in Gemini at 7:56 pm, pdt, gives us magic powers in our words and thoughts. We can use these magic powers of word in any way we choose.

SUN SQUARE SATURN is exact tonight at 9:14 pm, pdt, giving us a creative work tension point to negotiate with our grace and decisiveness.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 10:43 pm, pdt inspires us to genius in our own area. Whatever is our area–it needs are attention, to bring some bit of genius more fully into our world.

On this day, all Fools may turn to Geniuses and Geniuses are “coming out of the closets,” everywhere! May you and your inner genius emerge into dancing. One Planet.

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