July 13, 2012 – Friday Uranus Humor

URANUS is STATIONARY in the middle of the night at 2:49 am, pdt, having us arise in electrical witty high-energy, possibly overflowing our circuits so we may need to write, laugh, run, or do a good yoga practice to ground the wild electricity of today–first thing!

MOON is at Apogee (closest to SUN) at 9:50 am, giving us a pre-New Moon masculine feminine dose of intimacy before heading into a Uranian-Circuitry-Mending-day.

SUN in Cancer SEXTILE MOON in Taurus at 12:43 pm, pdt provides a Masculine Feminine Dance of Harmony amidst a day of Chaos and Fun!  Touch is the friend of Chaos. Everyone’s nervous system is benefitted by some gentle loving TOUCH–especially on a high-electricity day like today!

Amidst Waves of Chaos, May we Touch each other for grounding, nourishment and pleasure.


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