July 10, 2012 – Fourth Quarter Shift Point

Pre-dawn, MOON SEXTILE VENUS at 1:18 am, pdt gives us a soft feminine feeling as we arise. MOON TRINE MERCURY, also pre-dawn at 3:59 am, pdt charges our morning with communications juju. MERCURY is preparing to RETROGRADE, taking us deep into a process of editing, refining, reforming and renewing our inner-child-dreams. Sometimes we feel Mercury’s Retrograde at least a week before it goes Retro. We’re within that week, MERCURY going Retrograde on Saturday.

MOON in Aries SQUARE SUN in Cancer at 6:48 pm, pdt marks the end of the THiRD QUARTER (waning light side) and the beginning of the FOURTH QUARTER (waning dark side). Today we enter our week of rest, introspection and purification. Many women bleed during this upcoming week, and often depression sets in. We can ride this deep energy inward and into deep rest. This is our time.

As we ride this Waning Moon down into the DARK of the MOON on Tuesday the 17th, we can find our “deep release” point and let go of our own attachments to order, in the face of impending chaos. In what ways do we cling to our order and how can we utilize forces of chaos to serve our creative and highest potential?  Can we witness cycles of Order to Chaos to Order to Chaos?

Chaos may be coming in different ways, as we face URANUS and MERCURY RETROGRADE, may this trickster rewire of earthly creation be filled with humor and light, new life and flight.


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