Week of July 3-9 – FULL MOON, peak of creative fruition and death rebirth of personal economy

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Here we enter the third quarter of the Lunar Creation Cycle, beginning with the FULL MOON, our peak of fruition and intensity–this time lighting up our Plutonian realm of Sexuality, Shadow, Money and Power, for a transformative burst of experience, leading us day by day, to a deeper and deeper unfolding, with a little less light, each day. As the MOON wanes from FULL, we are disseminating the life-juice of this PEAK of insight, FULLMOONLIGHT, to the Last Quarter winding down to Dark then NEW MOON on Wednesday July 18th.  July 18th will be a very potent day, on many levels. It is a New Beginning, or the beginning of a new way of being, for all of us.

This week, as we come down off of the FULL MOON on Tuesday, July 3rd, we can feel this peak of energy, in our PLUTO SHADOW UNDERWORLD area of right use vs. mususe of our power in all the ways, on all the levels. We will “know,” what our work is in this area, as a result of this FULL MOON light insight! The rest of the week unwinds from this FULL MOONLIGHT into a provocative, most volatile and transformative POWER ASPECT on the NEW MOON, at the end of this and the next week, at the beginning of the next New Lunar Cycle of Creation, we begin with a MARS OPPOSITE URANUS–a powerful inner masculine revolution, which we face planetarily as well as personally. As we unwind for the next two weeks off of this POWER FULL MOON, we are preparing for a POWER NEW BEGINNING asking us to feel our independence, freedom, super-hero quality and maverick inventor self. Cheers! May we be colorful and humor -filled in this Revolution from Fear to Love.

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