July 7, 2012 – Saturday’s Deep Healing Portal

MOON in Pisces CONJUNCT Spirit-Driven NEPTUNE, pre-dawn at 2:39 am, pdt, drives our star-chariot into a Healing Portal where we can touch the essence of our soul through the pain of a soulful unmet need. What is this secret need, unmet by this world, because it does not live here yet, because we are soulfully meant to bring it here? This is the question of the day.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER gives us the wisdom to meet what may be experienced as pain, or may be viewed as a powerful healing experience. JUPITER expands us personally by working the MOON to stretch our comfort zone, early in the morning.

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO at 12:04 pm, for a profound Soul-connected moment.

MOON SQUARE VENUS at 2:29 pm, pdt gives the feminine a place to work together where there is grit.

VENUS SQUARE CHIRON is a Healing Portal Peak Moment, marking the most potent point of our Healing Portal. With Consciousness, this can be experienced with powerful healing results that penetrate through a lifetime or a culture.

This SATURDAY is part of a healing power-packed weekend of FULL MOON fruition flying on our own wings in midsummer beauty. May we fly in our own beauty.


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