May 12, 2011 – Jumping in the river of life

MOON SEXTILE MARS pre-dawn at 12:46 am gives a Masculine to Mother allyship, upon waking. MOON goes VOID with this aspect, for “in between worlds work,” if we wish. MOON enters Sagittarius at 3:03 pm, pdt, moving us from a deep soulful or sexual focus into the mind that studies, aiming for higher mind.

SUN TRINE CHIRON at 5:23 pm, gives today the Sexual Healing potential, along with the Scorpio MOON SEXTILE MARS initiation in the middle of the night, prior to the day. Here we can contact our masculine expression. How do we move forward in our lives?  Sexuality, when used in alignment with ourselves and the divine, is a source of energy and healing. This TRINE assists us in aligning our masculine power, our sexual power or our creative power with the divine in a healing way–if we choose.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE at 7:54 pm, pdt invites us to “expand our comfort zone,” in order to accomodate the Divine and the River of Life that is happening, whether we meant it or not. If it seems like we are not “creating our own reality,” this is a moment to reasses how we create our world, and re-form a perception or practice to better fit the new truth emerging.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER at 10:04 pm, pdt once again, asks us to “expand our comfort zone,” with benefits and the promise of good luck to come, if we do.

Late tonight, after midnight, (12:11 pm pdt), MOON TRINES MERCURY giving us a communications magic wand. With our thoughts and words we can create whatortunity to “dive into a river,” of our own making.  These are the days of “push off of the shore, into the middle of the river, see who is in there with you, and celebrate!”  MARS SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 1:26 am pdt asks us, to jump into a deep river that may feel a little “above our heads,” but our hearts take us there.  It is time to jump into our heart river and allow the mind to learn how to swim in deeper currents.

SUN in TAURUS TRINES MOON in VIRGO.  This earth sign romance between sun and moon creates worlds inside and out. Harmony between masculine and feminine is what makes the world go round.  Today is a harmony day.  What a relief after all the super powered FIRE purification and creation energy of the last few days!!

Sweet taurian sensual delights to you and practical virgoian satisfactions all day!


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