June 28, 2012 – Personal to Divine Communications Practice

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN in Libra, pre-dawn, sends the MOON into the VOID, so we awake with MOON VOID of COURSE.  If we can take a day to meditate and do personal inner work, this is a good day to do it. We have “belief-system changes” we may invoke on a day like today, that may make communications temporarily uncomfortable. On days where we might be “internally rearranging” in our psyche–silence can help to contain an uncomfortable transition. As the internal shifts unfold more fully, we’ll more easily be able to express ourselves. As a friend shared recently : “Poetry expresses more accurately my heart than anything else at this time.”

MERCURY INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE at 10:28 am, pdt, although awkward, gives an opportunity to upgrade our communications system, by inviting in more “higher self” communications, and finding ways to translate that into practical contexts with others. It might be best to watch this alchemy unfolding, during meditation, rather than in the midst of talking.

At 1:32 pm, pdt, MOON grounds in watery Scorpio, the section of our seasonal wheel–all about our own expression of our own power, receiving and giving to others in this power.  How can we communicate in ways that empower rather than disempower others?

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE in the evening at 6:33 pm, pdt gives poetry and flow to the depth of our soul.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 7:12 pm, pdt challenges us to translate our depth into communications that others can relate to, so we can interact in a soulful authentic way. We may wish to reteach ourselves a language or reframe how we perceive.

A pre-dawn TRINE tomorrow morning between SUN and MOON makes the night yummier and yummier as it goes on.

May the inner shifts we feel be met with our genius, so we are able to reframe what needs reframing, recreate what needs recreating to more enjoy the human-earth relationship.

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