June 27, 2012 – Home Shift with Creative Shift Wednesday

MOON in Libra SQUARE PLUTO in Capricorn pre-dawn at 12:41 am, pdt gives us tension in the realms of sexuality, money, relationship, power dynamics. We are working out a shift in the archetypal “fabric” of this money power dance in relationship. To be on the higher side of this kind of aspect, we can shift into a gifting state, or recycling uneeded things from our life, to gift them to others who can use them.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS at 12:53 am, pdt (pre-dawn) gives us an authentic dose of “shake-it-up” energy to break through lmitations, blocks and inhibitions, keeping us from living into our soul’s blueprint, where we’ll access our fullest joy.

VENUS STATIONS in the morning at 8:07 am, filling us with our own sense of sensuality, love and creativity. Whatever our “venus blocks” may have been, the VENUS RETROGRADE, since May 15, has been a time of “reworking” our creative life and love life. (the two being indelibly linked)  As VENUS goes DIRECT, it stations to change direction. This station is an “alchemical shift phase” of VENUS renewal.

PLUTO comes closest to EARTH in the planetary cycles, at 11:13 am, pdt (West Coast Time), here we may contact our own expression of power in our life, in a way that we can make adjustments as needed in our archetypal perception and expression. Do we feel empowered today? If we do, we can see the details of how we work with power. If we’re feeling disempowered anywhere, then we can use this “close up” opportunity to “see our power patterns,” and make healthy adjustments.

May we meet the CHANGE PORTAL of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO in our personal lives with miracle making change agent spirit!

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